When designing a brand new kitchen or remodel, the main focus is usually on the finishes, but the kitchen should also be the most functional room in the house. More and more, homeowners and designers are incorporating smart storage solutions along with gorgeous cabinets and stylish countertops. Just implementing a few good storage ideas can make your life much easier, and keep you enjoying your kitchen for years to come. Here are some of our favorite kitchen storage ideas:

The Pantry

One of the easiest places to customize is your pantry. Adding adjustable shelves, baskets on pull-out rollers, and even some drawers to your pantry can make a huge difference. What are your specific storage needs? Do you need to store bottles of wine, soda, or even water? Add a few curved cradles to store bottles on their sides and keep everything more secure. No pantry? No problem. Turn a few of your cabinets into a mini pantry, or even convert a small nearby closet you aren’t utilizing into a spacious pantry.


Drawer Options

Make the most of your drawers and turn them into hard working space savers by adding dividers. Of course dividers are great for utensils, measuring spoons, and knives, but they are also the perfect place to store spices, and even dishes – just add a peg system and make sure your drawers are on sturdy slides. Another great use of smaller drawer space is a pull-out cutting board, and for that “fake” drawer space that’s usually in front of your kitchen sink, turn it into the perfect spot to hide sponges and scrubbers with some hinges and a small tray. In those hard to reach corner cabinets, add a lazy susan for ease of access or even a special corner drawer.

Door to Drawer Conversions

Do you have a lot of under-utilized lower cabinets? These tend to get quickly disorganized and items like pots, pans, and lids end up being messily stacked and become very hard to reach. Pull-out shelving within your cabinets can help, but you still need to have the cabinet doors open completely to pull the shelf out. An even better solution is to install or convert your cabinets into full pull-out drawers. To hold larger kitchenware, install deep, full-extension drawers.


Don’t Overlook Smaller Spaces

What about those small spaces beside or between kitchen appliances? Put some thin vertical pull-outs in those hard to use areas and turn them into a storage for baking sheets, spices, cleaning supplies, etc. Another spot that is underutilized is the end of the kitchen island. You can create an open cabinet for art supplies or kid crafts, or put up small display shelves and store cookbooks, special dishes, or coffee mugs. What about that messy space under your kitchen sink? One of my all-time favorite ideas is converting this area to a spot for pull-out garbage and recycling containers; it’s both organized, and hidden from view.


Whether you are a serious home cook, a baker, or just a busy parent, a little kitchen organization can help make your daily routine much easier, and that much more enjoyable. Contact us here if we can help you get organized.